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Digbie created the site for Clark Lawn Services and added it to the web. Also created a Facebook Business pageTell them Digbie sent you to have them mow your lawn or trim your bushes.


Digbie created the site for Pro-Check Cleaning and added it to the web.Tell them Digbie sent you to have them clean your home.


Digbie created the site for The Port of Wichita and added it to the web.Let Pat know if you like the new site and the nightclub.


Digbie began talks with The Port of Wichita to create a new website.


Digbie created a whole new look for Val Transport Inc.Let Mark know if you like the new look.


Digbie created a new website for Mega Trade Logisitics USA Inc.Congratulations Mark!


Digbie added the Belle Vie Salon & Spa ad for Tammy's new business.Congratulations Tammy!


Digbie added the Nikki's Scentsy ad for her new business.Congratulations Nikki!


Digbie added the SAMPLES page to help determine what website works best for your business.More samples to come in the following weeks.


Digbie opened another office in Wichita, Kansas.


Digbie has added "Digbie Ads" To offer low cost advertising solutions. Check out the new website at


Created an ad for Atlas Logistics, to begin advertising overseas. Let us know if you need to advertise your own website.


Digbie has released the Atlas Logistics-USA new website.


Celebrated the grand opening of The Little Wine Shop. Congratulations Rebecca, and good luck with the new store!


Digbie has partnered with Garsworld, Inc. to develop I-Phone and Android applications.

9.12.2010 has been updated to XHTML 1.1


Digbie Web Services can now be found on Facebook. Let us show you how to put your business on Facebook.


Digbie has released The Little Wine Shop website. What can we do for you?


Digbie has added the Careers page and updated the Websites page of this website. A new MySQL database was created and PHP was used to display the information shown. This database can be modified to meet your business needs.
Let us show you how.


Digbie has incorporated MySQL into this website. Ask about how MySQL could improve your website.


Digbie has incorporated PHP into this website. Ask about adding PHP to your website.


Digbie has gone back to school. Congratulations Digbie!

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Atlas Logistics-USA Inc.

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Digbie has been commissioned to build another website for Pat, CLUB RAGE Nightclub in Wichita, KS. We would like to congratulate Pat on his new endeavor. Check out the website at Also, please be sure to like RAGE's Facebook page.

And yet another quick 24 hour turnaround, Digbie Web Services created a website and Facebook business page for a small business start up. Clark's provides lawn services to allow you to enjoy your summer. Check out the site at

Another quick 24 hour turnaround, Digbie Web Services created a website and Facebook business page for a small business start up. Pro-Check Cleaning is now online and ready to clean your place. Check out the site at

Within a 24 hour turnaround, Digbie Web Services was able to provide The Port of Wichita a brand new website before they open the doors to the public. The Port of Wichita is under new management and wanted a web presence and Digbie provided that presence. Congratulations Pat on your new adventure. Check out the site at Check out the club at Harry & Webb Road in Wichita.

Digbie has created a website for Val Transport Inc. which is based out of Fort Lauderdale and provides services to South Florida, including Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. They are Licensed, Insured and Family Owned. They can handle all of your pickup and delivery needs. Give them a call and tell them Digbie sent you.

Atlas Logistics-USA Inc. has changed their name to Mega Trade Logistics USA, Inc. Digbie has created them a whole new website, so be sure to let them know what you think about it. Or click on this ad:

Digbie is working with Belle Vie Salon & Spa building a new website. Check out the new website at Or click on this ad:
UPDATE: Belle Vie Salon & Spa has changed the name to Belle Vie Salon, Spa & Waxing Center. Visit the website to see what they can do for you.

Just attended a great 4D Summit in San Jose, CA, where the focus was on Wakanda and 4D.
What is Wakanda?
Today's modern business applications require fast development, multiple device support and Cloud deployment. New devices are introduced every day – mobile phones, desktops, tablets... And today's Web solutions require a patchwork of languages and technologies and a team of experts to install, configure and run them.
Our solution: One language. One complete stack. All JavaScript.
Introducting Wakanda. One open and complete solution for all your Web and mobile business apps.

Check out Wakanda at


Digbie has helped Nikki with her new business startup of Scentsy Wickless Candles by creating their new ad. Check out the new website at Or click on this ad:

Digbie has branched off to open "dibie ads" to help small business owners to advertise on the web. Digbie Ads was setup to create low cost, high quality banner ads to be placed on proven websites, and to allow companies to expand their networking power that will attract new customers. Combining Digbie Ads and Digbie Web Services, we can provide you with a complete web package. Check out the new website at Or click on this ad:

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